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  • 产品名称: V-series Energy-saving Injection Molding
  • 产品编号: Clamping force 500-13800Kn
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Advanced designed hydraulic system makes the operation more stable and lower noise; and it can save the energy up to 24%-45%. 

·Perfect combination between computer and high efficient proportional plunger variable pump saves electricity by 25%-50%. The economic efficiency is high.
·With full flow high precision return oil filter, the oil filter effect is up to NAS – 7 levels, can effectively avoid contamination and deterioration of hydraulic oil, thereby hydraulic parts work more stable and service life of hydraulic seals is longer.
·Imported advanced hydraulic valve incorporated with differential oil circuit guarantees mould locking device to be fast, stable and low noise, and reduces forming period, increase production efficiency. 
·Cartridge valve added in the hydraulic system insures the fast response & small impact, which reduces the consumption of the pressure.  
·Spiral flow cooler is high in heat transfer efficiency and less pressure loss. It guarantees stable operation of hydraulic system, improves repetition accuracy and qualification rate of products.
·Low speed and large torque hydraulic motor meets plasticizing demand of different raw material. 

1.Large-flow hydraulic system with cartridge valves.

2.Imported top grade hydraulic components.

3.High-precision oil filter and full-flow by-pass oil filter.

4.Screw is driven by low speed & big-torque hydraulic motor.

Imported electric parts

·Advanced switch power supply, with operating voltage between 110V and 280V, can be used in all severe power supply environment.

·High pixel (800 × 600) TFT screen with large capacity is used. Adjusting process is more intuitive, more simple in operation, the function is more perfect. It can also simulate the machine action.

·High speed CPU increases capacity for memory to meet the requirements of system control. Injection process also can be shown with graphic recording, makes it more easy for injection technique adjustment.

·It can store injection material information for 200 sets of moulds. Mould information could be selected, duplicated or removed conveniently. SD card can be used to read & save mould data, which is conducive for large-scale production management.  

·With network communication port, it can realize the network management of injection molding machine. The work state of production and the factory can be monitored, to achieve the fully automation of production.

·Automatic detection of perfect function and a large number of internal parameters help to adjust the machine to the best state.

·Six stages material injection speeds and pressure, five stages pressure holding speed and pressure, and two stages material molten speed and pressure control can meet all complicated process requirement of products. 

·Fuzzy temperature control is used. High and low temperature deviation alarm and thermocouple disconnection detection functions are available. 

·Function to prevent cold material start-up.

·Mould clamping, injection, ejector adopt high precision electronic meter for position measuring. The position setting precision is up to 0.lmm.

·Push-out stay, ejector shock and multi push-out functions are available. Ejector forward and backward speed, pressure can be set separately in two stage. 

·Counting of forming can be matched with automatic stop function for convenient production management. 

·Default monitor: When machine works in automatic mode, computer may monitor the working condition in each period and judge if products and machine are normal or not. 

·Computer controlled automatic lubrication devices: According to times of opening and clamping mould, lubricating oil output can be adjusted conveniently through computer.

·Automatic mould adjusting function. Input directly clamping pressure, the computer could automatically finish mold thickness adjustment. 
·Information setting can be protected to prevent improper modification.

Clamping System

·Five pivots double toggle mould clamping mechanism is featured with fast opening and clamping, stable and energy saving.

·Differential fast mould clamping device effectively reduces cycle time and increases working efficiency of the machine.

·Reliable low pressure protection function greatly prolongs the service life of the mould.

·T-Slot Platen make fixing the mould in the machine more convenient.

Finite element analysis is used on the structure of mould plates so that the structure of mould plate is more logical, stronger and higher fatigue resistance.


High precision electric meter is used to control position. The control precision is ±0.1mm. 

Automatic dosing lubrication system guarantees mould clamping mechanism to be more stable and reliable.

Mechanical and double electric interlock protection devices guarantee the safety of the operators. (Machine above 400T is also equipped with hydraulic safety device. )

Wear resistant hard chromium plated tie bar is featured with high-tensile and high strength.

Hydraulic motor with centering gear mould adjusting system makes mould adjusting system to be better.


Injection System

Superior and efficient separating screw and high mixing screw increase the range of material used, and guarantee molten material to be uniform and stable. 

Precision electronic meter control on material injection, molten stroke.

Nozzle cover

Double cylinder balance injection mechanism provides high-pressure injection, easy maintenance and saves space.

Machine above 250T adopts double injection cylinders to prevent injection nozzle displacement and avoid material leakage.

Lubrication System

Electric lubricant pump

Intelligent volumetric distributor

Device Configuration

Standard Devices:

1 . Injection system

. Nitriding alloy steel screw & barrel 

. Sliding rail unloading device

. Standard injection nozzle 

. Double cylinder balance injection unit 

. Stainless steel hopper 

. Anti-cold start-up of screw 

. Automatic resin clear function 

. Anti leaking function 

. Multistage charging barrel PID temperature control ( 4 - 7 stages ) 

. Automatic defecting on material molten and injection fault

. Protective nozzle cover

. Precision electronic meter control on material injection/molten stroke 


2 . Mold locking device 

. Precision electronic meter control mold locking / ejector stroke

. Mold clamping three plates/hinges are made of high strength nodular cast iron. 

. Two stages forward / backward movement controlled by computer

. Mold low pressure protection function

. Hydraulic mold adjusting device


3 . Hydraulic system

. High performance proportional variable pump system / variable-pump

. Molten material back pressure adjusting device

. Full flow precision return oil filter

. Automatic adjustment of system pressure and flow


4 . Control system

. Input / output viewing function

. Setting function of automatic temperature retaining and heating

. Time / position/pressure control on injection to pressure holding

. Independent adjustment on slope of each movement

. Two-sets of hydraulic core pulling/unscrewing mold release

. Save for 200 sets of mold data & monitoring function for production data


5 . Accessory

. Operation manual

. Tool box

. Spare parts

Optional Configuration:


1 . Injection system

. Long injection nozzle (Extended by25 / 50 / 100mm ) 

. Special screw & Barrel

. Hopper dryer

. Barrel with air blowing devices

. Self-locked injection nozzle


2 . Mold Clamping system

. Enlarged mold capacity by 50/100mm

. Super large ejector stroke

. Mold hoisting carrier

. Mold heat insulating plates

. Special mold location ring

. Electrical safety gate

. T-slot mold platen


3 . Hydraulic system

. Hydraulic core pull / Unscrewing mold release device

. Hydraulic safety protection

. Independent oil temperature control system

. Sensitive servo control injection system

. Closed-loop control variable pump system

. Nitrogen material injection device

. Melting by proportional back pressure control


4 . Control system

. Electric unscrewing mold release device

. Mold air blowing devices in moving mold Platen 

. Electric unscrewing mold release dynamic interface

. Change of power supply voltage

. Heating by solid-state relay control


. Euro standard robot port

Brand main component configuration:


Remarks:According to upgrading of machine, we will change techical parameters, configuration of some parts and service’s items without further notice.

Platen dimensions & Mechanical installation hole size:

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