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      Different injection molding machine has a certain gap in the pressure, speed, time, location and temperature have a certain gap, when the machine tonnage difference is not much impact, of course, large machine may be clamping force Some may...Details>>

    • Summary:

      Injection molding machine is divided into plunger type injection molding machine and screw type injection molding machine according to the plasticizing method. According to the transmission mode of the machine, it can be divided into hydrau...Details>>

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      The traditional high-speed injection molding machine is for the injection speed, the use of accumulator as the injection power source for the injection molding machine high-speed / high-pressure injectionDetails>>

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      There are displacement in the injection molding machine (Swept volume), hydraulic transmission terminology, refers to each stroke or per cycle inhalation or discharge of fluid volume. Whether it is oil pump or motor are not ah!Details>>

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