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Attended the 115 Canton Fair successfully

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The 115th China Import and Export Fair kicked off in Pazhou International Exhibition Center, Guangzhou on April 15 to 19. A delegation of Powerjet participates in this international event. The displayed machines are the new generation of High Speed series injection molding machines for thin-wall products KF-138V6 & automatic extrusion blow molding machine EB25H65S1. Through continuous technological innovation, Powerjet improves the mechanical & energy efficiency, which enhances the precision. Located in the 6.1D21-22 booth, Large-scale Machinery and Equipment Exhibition Hall, during the five-day exhibition, Powerjet booth is always full of people. Many buyers from the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, show great interest in our machines. The live demonstration of the machine to attract many viewers to watch and consulting, and Powerjet’s equipments, technology, and sales staff left a very deep impression to the customers too. This is important to improve Powerjet brand image in the international market.

The site not only got a lot of contract orders, but also many customers were invited to visit Powerjet, and lay down a solid foundation for future market development. At the same time, Powerjet mobilized a lot of human resources for the exhibition, many sales staff in the exposition site found many customers resources. Through the actual combat training, it effectively improved the operational capacity, and enhanced the quality of the human resource team.


KF-138V6 High Speed Injection Molding Machine for Thin-wall Products
For international business,please call: 86-757-86695738 or email: powerjet@126.com

EB25H65S1 Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine 
For international business,please call: 86-757-86695738 or email: powerjet@126.com

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