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Powerjet attended the 12th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

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From September 13 to 17, 2013, the 12th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition (CIEME) was held at Shenyang International Exhibition Center. Foshan Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd attended this exposition to exhibit the high speed preform injection molding machine PET1200V2. During the exhibition, Powerjet booth was crowded and machine’s high level precise and stable operation attracted the customers.

Liaoning province is an important base of China’s manufacturing industry, and is also a center of Chinese heavy equipment industry. The revitalization of old industry base promoted the rapid development of Liaoning industry and brought many business opportunities to related domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises. The good prospects of plastics processing industry will remain the driving force for the rapid development of Chinese plastics machinery manufacturing industry. The development potential of plastics machinery industry is very great. The machineries with high technology, good performance, and relatively moderate price have greater potential especially. Therefore, Powerjet established the sales office in Shenyang and attended CIEME to explore northeast China market.

According to the demand characteristics of PET packaging market in Shenyang, we exhibited high speed preform injection molding machine PET1200V2 producing 20 grams preform on the spot with 20 cavities and a production cycle of 16 seconds. The preform, with good transparency and without drawing crystallization, attracted numerous visitors during the 5 days exhibition and got high praise from PET manufacturers and users in Shenyang and from Liaoyang, Siping, Harbin, Wudalianchi and other area. Our local distributors and sales representatives received continuous consultation at the fair. The machine exhibited was purchased on the spot by a customer from Songyuan Jilin province. According to the rough statistics, nearly 5000 visitors were received during the exhibition, and the amount of intent contract would reach 3 million RMB.

On this exposition, Powerjet fully showed the corporate image to the local trade and improved the popularity of our machinery and the influence of our brand. Our machine with high speed and high performance had been widely recognized by the visitors.


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