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The 7th China Plastic Industry & Chemical New Material Exhibition

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August 15 -18, 2013, The 7th China Plastic Industry & Chemical New Material Exhibition took place at Xinshiji International Exhibition Center, Chengdu. POWERJET attended the exhibition with their precision Injection Molding Machine (KF258V6) and Blow Molding Machine (SBL280-2). In the exhibition, POWERJET shows the high quality for the advance technology and stable production.

As the deep development of the Western China in the recently years, the economy improved very quickly. Sichuan Province, is known as "the land of abundance", economic gross ranks the first in the western China, formed some competitive industries: automobile manufacturing, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, electric power, oil and gas chemical industry, aerospace, new materials etc. And the digital home appliances, national defense, military industry products share the top three ranking of China. At the same time, the preliminary results show for the industry change plan, Foxconn, Dell, Lenovo, Ren Bao, Toyota and other enterprises have the layout of Chengdu.

The development of those Industries promotes the related supporting industries. As one of the supporting industry, the plastic industry had rapid development, manifested in the beverage and food packaging, wine packaging, auto parts, electrical and electronic industries. Based on the above reasons, in order to open up the western market, POWERJET set up office in Chengdu in 2010, responsible for sales and service in southwestern areas.

In order to expand the breadth and depth of the market, expanding the brand influence, POWERJET Plastic Machinery CO., LTD showed the High Speed Injection Molding Machine KF258V6 with Robot. This model machine was special designed for high speed thin-wall products. In the exhibition, the machine produced 1 liter fast-food box with 2 cavities mold, the cycle time in 5 seconds. During the exhibition, our outstanding machine attracted many professional customers. They studied our machines and made purchasing agreement with our company at once.

According to the Chengdu PET packing industry, It needed large volume of bottles in the market. Powerjet also showed a full automatic blow molding machine SBL280-2. It can produce 1100ML Jars in 2 cavities, cycle time in 6 seconds. This machine was special designed for watercress bottle. During the exhibition, there were many customers, who were satisfied with its intelligent design and large output.

In the exhibition, we got our expectant effect, and attracted many customers, effectively expanded the brand awareness, enhanced reputation, effectively demonstrated the technology of our company, and improved the confidence to expand the market for the next step.


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