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24th M’SIA-PLAS (Malaysia International plastic mould & die exhibition)

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On July 4th – 7th ,2013, the 24th International plastic mould & die exhibition held in Malaysia. Powerjet plastic machinery CO., Ltd of Foshan took part in the exhibition for four days. During the exhibition, many people from the local Malaysia, Southeast Asia and some other countries’ buyers flow continuously in front of our booth, most of them are interesting in the Injection Molding Machine and blowing machine from China mainland, especially PET injection molding machine, KF series special machine for fast food box and bottle blowing machine. Through producing, pictures, video and samples showed on the spot, Powerjet left the deep impression to local customers.

Malaysia took its independence on August.31th, 1957. It is the federal country with thirteen states and three federal territories composition. Malaysia is divided into two parts: west Malaysia located in the Malay Peninsula, and the other one is east Malaysia. The capital is Kuala Lumpur, but the federal government located in Putrajaya. Plastic industry started from 1994 in Malaysia, the Industrial Development Authority approved 63 plastic industrial investment plans in all, including new investment or expansion planned investment. The new project investment exceeded the total investment in past 5 years, up to 2 billion 480 million RM. All of these established a good foundation for Malaysia’s plastic industry. Plastic industry is the main indicator of economic growth, because it is the core part of manufacturing industry for supply. In future, development targets of Malaysia plastic industry is committed to improve the level of science and technology, producing more high-tech products and develop more business opportunities. Malaysia’s plastics industry considering, the gradually implementing mutual preferential system (CEPT) of the ASEAN, not only has a huge market and more than 8% of the average annual rate of economic growth, but also reached to 2008, the import and export tax will be less than 5%, this is a very chance for the plastic industry and other industrial fields.

Malaysia International Plastic Mould and Die is the largest, most influential, most professional regional international machinery exhibition. It has been successfully held for 23 sessions, and acquired the authorization logo by Malaysia foreign trade develop department, foreign exhibitors’ ratio up to 70%. Malaysia is a burgeoning industrialized country; this country is rich in natural resources, including rubber output ranked on primacy in the world. In recent ten years Malaysia plastic industry has maintained a rapid rise momentum of 15%. However, because of their weak industrial base, annual imports in the amount of machinery and equipment are more than 10 billion USD. Therefore, the analysis from the factors of scale, demand or market prospect, Malaysia is undoubtedly an important market for mechanical and electrical products export.


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