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Powerjet Attended the 12th Vietnam International Rubber Plastic Industrial Exhibition

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    On Oct. 24-27, 2012, the 12th Vietnam international rubber plastic industry exhibition was grandly held. The sales representative of Powerjet Plastic Machinery co., LTD hopefully attended the four-day exhibition. During the exhibition period, the people were streaming to Powerjet’s booth continuously. Those buyers from local company in Vietnam and parts of Cambodia enterprise showed great interest to the injection molding machine and the blow molding machine from Chinese mainland, especially the PET injection molding machine and the PP stretch blow molding machine, silicon injection molding machine, extrusion blow molding machine from Powerjet. Through the text, pictures and video display, we let the on-site customers retain a deep impression.
    Vietnam is China’s neighbor. Since Vietnam’s government promote the innovation open policy, the Vietnamese economic development momentum is good, the economic and trade relations between China and Vietnam show broad prospects for development. As the industry foundation of Vietnam is weak, about 90% of the mechanical equipment need to be imported, and the mechanical products from our country are more suitable for Vietnam market demand than the similar products from other countries, no matter at the level of the price, quality and service and all the rest at present. So our products have a larger competitive advantage in Vietnam. At present the brand "China machinery" is already generally accepted by Vietnam machinery market, and enjoy a high reputation.
    This exhibition is a national machinery industry exhibition with strong international, professional and trade oriented in the domestic Vietnam. The exhibition got strong support from Vietnam Board of Trade, Vietnam Ministry of Industry, Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam Ministry of Technology and Environmental Protection, and Vietnam machinery association, plastic association and mould association and other government departments and professional association.

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