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      COLOMBIAPLAST–EXPOEMPAQUE 2012 was officially held in International Business Exhibition, Bogota, Colombia, October 1 to October 5, 2012the exhibition is also Colombia only the largest plastics and packaging industry exhibition in South America second only to Brazil plastic region plastic exhibition exhibition. According to requirement of the company to expand the international market and the development of the strategic plan, approved by the company led the research, representative from Powerjet Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd went to the plastic exhibition the first time and received good results.
      In this exhibition,with the help of the existing customer base in the region’s and Chinese-American friend,Powerjet successfully expand the local market with the new sales agent of Powerjet in Colombia, the new local sales agent sent the company’s two businesses girls to cooperate with the business representatives of Powerjet are keen on the past customers and show them the image of Powerjet the strength of the company, to improve the visibility of of Powerjet precision injection and blow machines in the local plastic market, the agent sales staff patiently answers customer questions, also earnestly ask and write down the specific requirements of the customer’s needs about the machinery, lay a good foundation for the future to provide customers with excellent service.
      This way helps understanding of the local market situation, and also provides first-hand information on the development strategy for the South American market America,many customers on the spot are deeply impressed by Powerjet and expressed their strong and urgent machine orders intention, and some other sales agent of machines wants strongly to cooperate with Powerjet to have a mutual benefit business in the local market. Some customers from other countries,such as El Salvador, Nicaragua wants to conduct business for Powerjet in the Central American countries.
      As today’s industrial development speed is relatively fast economic region, South American market has a huge potential for development, the region is an important market for machinery exports,Powerjet the company has been in active efforts to expand the market for many years, but the distance, language barriers, and other factors led to difficulties in after-sales service, sales and market development is slow to meet the requirements of the company, actively expand the sales network of the local market becomes a critical task of the South American business development. This Colombia trip lay a good foundation for future development in the South American market and more broadly expand the influence of Powerjet injection molding machine and blow molding machine in the Colombian market but also the entire South American market, and this trip also found another foothold outside of Brazil, Venezuela in South America continent.


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