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No execution, no core competence

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——2014 Powerjet team execution training report

Why the look-like perfect plan always utters failure——Lack of execution!
Why the good strategic decision always goes to waste time again and again——No strong execution!
Why the enterprise always involves in the cycle of ‘Leadership blames the manager , manager blames employee, employee blames leadership’ —— No clear execution!
The first level of execution is to finish the schedule, while another meaning is the knowledge and strategy of how to achieve a plan. The performance of no strong executive is that you can not finish the test within the set time and standard according to you schedule and strategy. Leadership, every supervise and employee belong to the aspect of execution.
So we can come to a conclusion that ‘No execution, no core competence’.
Base on the above factors, our company opened an inner manage training of team execution on Jan 17th,2014. Near 60 people come from management of Powerjet and New King Time company join the training. Especially General manager Mr. Yang and chief engineer Mr. Huo are in the whole process to communicate with each part and join the course games , which really give this training highly support and big help. Because the support of senior leadership, our training gets great achievement with everyone happy laughter. Spot atmosphere is very nice all the time as participants coming with their high enthusiasm, which indeed reach the goal of ‘come in with problem to study, go back with solution to work ’.
But , no matter how good the atmosphere on the spot, the most important is whether you could turn the knowledge and method learning in the course into action. The same thing with different method, different result and efficiency will achieve. Execution is an action and process to realize goal. Execution is the strength and ability to execute. What way you do in the execution make great difference in your effort and capability. The right way yields twice the result with half the effort, on the contrary, getting half the result with twice the effort.
We hope that we can get ‘result oriented’ into our brains through this training, every manager can be responsible for themselves, and for the other people.



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