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2013 Powerjet Closing meeting

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Our company held 2013 Powerjet Closing meeting in Marketing Dept Meeting Room from Jan 10th to Jan 11th, 2014.
General manager Mr. Yang, chief engineer Mr. Huo and each department manager have attended the meeting.
In the first place, each department manager reviewed the work of 2013. On the one hand reported the work performance, and found out the problems, analyzed the reasons and work out the solution. Then report the work schedule of 2014.
Second, other Participants asked questions freely after each department finished reports.
At the end, General manager Mr. Yang made a summary statement: In the past year of 2013, Powerjet Market Department has made 7 years consecutive positive growth, the achievement comes from salesman hard work and tears, comes from the powerful guarantee of orderly logistics system.
In the new situation, opportunity and challenge come together: There are many blank markets wait us to exploit, both blank sales area and industry segmentation, which are the new business growth areas.
With the company’s business expansion, short of the human resource is becoming more and more prominent, through the adjustment of human resource, improve manager’s profession skills, change production line worker’s attitude, improve operation workers work skill and optimize the management process are our company’s 2014 and future strategy issues, which should be resolved.
After the meeting, our administration arranged one-day tour of ‘Sujiawei’and ‘Wanglvhu’ for all participants.
Although the weather is a little cold, all visitors are remain cheerful and forgot the wrapped-up working at that moment. Felt the green hill and blue water, washed off all psychology and physical exhaustion.

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