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Powerjet Marketing Department held the Sum-up Meeting for the first half of 2012

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The Sum-up Meeting was held at 9:30 am on August 23. Sales managers, salesmen, as well as other important professionals from regional offices came back the headquarter to attend the meeting. And managers of the Production dept., Technology dept, Quality control dept, After-sales dept were also invited to attend the meeting to make speeches. At the same time, it was honored that Border officers - Mr. Yang, Mr. Huo, and Mr. Yu also came and attended the meeting. The meeting achieved great success and obtained the desired effect. In the 2 days of meeting, the chief representative - Mr. Yu made the summary report regarding the sales condition on the morning of August 23. Meantime, sales representatives of various regions also made the sales summary of their work, deepening the understanding of all the delegates of the work performance in the first half of 2012. From 14:30, each department manager made annual summary report representing their departments. Managers of the Technical department, Quality control department, and Production department made wonderful speeches on behalf of their respective departments, and they discussed on some hot issues of the market system fervently. Finally, the company’s general manager- Mr. Yang made his concluding remark for various departments, and gave a detailed deployment and requirements for the work in the second-half year. The Market Department organized all the delegates visiting the new plants which were under construction, and collecting the views of all representatives for the further development of the company. All delegates were very proud of and excited for company’s great development. During the meeting of August 24, Technical department and major business representatives held a heated discussion about the improvement of the existing machine problems. After the meeting, all delegates attended the appreciation dinner. Everyone cheered for the achievement in the first half of the year; they all expressed confidence to overcome the pressure of market environment, and determined to complete the task and work plan of the second half year.

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