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Powerjet new oil and electricity hybrid injection molding machine in Chengdu rubber and plastics exhibition on the shine

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October 13 to 15 (Chengdu, China)

October 13 to 15, 2016, the tenth China Chengdu Rubber and Packaging Industry Exhibition in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center was held, Division I ---- Foshan City, Bao Jie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to bring the industry Special shaping solution (JEV-380 hybrid high-speed injection molding machine and HPET-1200V6 high-speed preform injection molding machine), dress debut industry.

International Sichuan Province is a large population, spicy snacks well known inside and outside, so the demand for food packaging, Bao Jie Seiki should be customer and market demand, the first research and development KF series of high-speed thin-walled fast food box special solutions, widely accepted by the market and customers , In the thin-walled food packaging industry occupies a leading position and great market share.

CDPE as the "West First Rubber and Packaging Industry Exhibition" reputation as a professional exhibition, gathered more than 1,000 enterprises competing to show, Bao Jie Seiki has been the respect of the General Assembly, the booth is located in the door of the best position, At the meeting of other brands of injection molding machine manufacturers all show fast food box dedicated machine, fierce competition for food packaging industry market share, thanks to the industry's benign competition and customer support, Po-seok has been innovation for the growth of the growth point, the exhibition treasure And then one step ahead, when we still stay in the development of hydraulic high-speed injection, the Porcelain Seiki with a strong R & D team and sixteen years of technology precipitation and fast innovation and development, the introduction of new products: Machine JEV380, the machine both hydraulic and all-motor advantages:
1, there is a full motor response speed, injection response fast, high speed;
2, all actions are closed-loop control, high precision, smooth operation;
3, can open mold synchronous melt action, shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency;
4, than the hydraulic machine energy saving;
5, more convenient than the whole motor to increase neutron control;
6, than the whole motor cost-effective;
7, a wide range of applications (all kinds of high-precision parts), suitable for long-term development of enterprises.

JEV-380 through the production demonstration: a six-chamber PP material 500ML fast food box, a single weight 12 grams, wall thickness 0.37MM, cycle 6.1 seconds, fully explain the model's efficient and stable, fast response and low energy consumption characteristics , Detonated the audience, to attract customers onlookers, more distant customers come here to visit, have expressed their intention to cooperate.


Another set of machine: HPET-1200V6 high-seed veneer special injection molding machine, is in the original collar known in the beverage bottle veneer industry PET special shaping program based on innovative optimization, upgrade products, through live production demonstration: 3025 PET Material pure water bottle embryo, a 32-cavity mold, a single weight of 14 grams, the production cycle of 11 seconds, the daily output reached 270,000, with low energy consumption, high production capacity characteristics, is a small model, a large output model.

With the national development of the western region and stimulating domestic economic policy, the western plastic industry great business opportunities, Bao Jie Seiki has long been the layout of the southwest service offices, according to the regional industry's individual needs, with strong technical innovation, research and development More suitable for all sectors of the individual needs of the special shaping solution, do a good job innovation industry-specific machine leader, for the western economic development by brick.

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