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Powerjet Seiki exhibitors at the Fifth Asia-Europe Expo harvest heavy

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September 25 (China · Xinjiang)

September 25, in the Chinese and foreign merchants full of joy and laughter, the fifth China - Asia and Europe Expo ended successfully. Bao Jie Seiki for the first time exhibitors, show the advanced technology and equipment PET-1500V6 preform injection molding machine, 6 days of the exhibition, our harvest heavy.

At present, PET has been dominated by the superior performance of the packaging market, is widely used in soft drinks, mineral water, candy children's biscuits, cooking oil, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cleaning supplies container packaging, and two-step PET tube molding Process due to a good economy, PET bottles in the mass production of the advantages of filling. I have the Secretary for the industry PET preform areas involved in the earlier, better done special equipment service providers, has been dedicated PET models from 350g-5050g shot of the complete product line, sales area to domestic South China, East China Center, covering more than 30 countries and regions around the world, from more choices and supporting to provide different needs of customers, combined with intimate service, mat

Powerjet PET-1500V6 preform injection molding machine will be demonstrated at this show to produce a 32-cavity PET pure water preform, the production cycle 16 seconds, a single product weight is 17g. This model uses PET special screw, significantly improve the melt speed and injection volume, reduce the plasticizing temperature and AA value, effectively improve the preform shrinkage, improve the transparency, with high speed, precision, energy saving, stability, Cost advantage of the models of products, customers can create higher efficiency. Bao Jie booth, located in the Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center outside the West Plaza, large cargo machinery and equipment exhibition area of ​​the T12-T14, Expo, Bao Jie injection molding machine stable and excellent performance, attracting the favor of many professional visitors, signed a total of 100,000 orders More than US dollars, more than 600 people contact customers

The theme of the Expo is "to discuss, build, share Silk Road: Opportunities and the future", Bao Jie to participate in the Asia-Europe Expo, but also deep plowing Xinjiang, the layout of the important opportunity of the new continent. With the company's successful development of the Central Asian market, brand reputation along the Silk Road to the Central Asian countries. We believe that in the "one way" strategy guidance and the company's market structure, driven by the Pao Jie will be in the Silk Road economic zone ushered in faster and better development. According to statistics, during the Expo, the total number of people entering the museum reached 360,158 people, a total of 2192 exhibitors, the world's 57 countries (regions), six international organizations exhibitors, covering Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania And Africa.

Today's Xinjiang is the forefront of China's opening to the west, the ancient Silk Road, the throat and the bridge, in the construction of the Silk Road economic zone pattern of regional advantages, human advantages, policy advantages. Xinjiang border with the eight countries, has opened 107 international road transport routes, with 17 countries a class of land open ports and two air ports, the establishment of 22 national industrial clusters, including Kashi, Horgos Economic Development Zone and Sino - Kazakhstan Horgos International Border Cooperation Center. China is building the East Union West International trade channel, Asia-Europe Expo is the best platform.

Powerjet about 2018, our sixth session of the Asia-Europe Expo goodbye!

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