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2016 CBME China baby show Powerjet Seiki finished!

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July 20-21, 2016 (Shanghai, China)

July 20-22, 2016, the 16th Shanghai CBME China Pregnant Baby Show, children's wear exhibition held in Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), as the world's largest pregnant baby show, this session CBME gathered more than 2,000 From the international and domestic brands, more than 3,000 brands, more than 85,000 professional visitors, exhibitors brand covers the baby's clothing industry, clothing and shelter education and other aspects of education, the scale of the large, unprecedented. (Hereinafter referred to as: Bao Jie Seiki) as a domestic injection molding machine industry leader, for the first time to participate in CBME pregnant baby show, for the baby industry to bring a dedicated injection molding machine, Supporting equipment and automatic solutions, with you to witness the same 2016CBME.

The exhibition of our exhibition machine:

1.BJM-200S6 clear two-color injection molding machine

Now the ever-changing variety of plastic consumer products, both beautiful appearance, design sophistication, but also quickly with the market demand. In different parts of the plastic parts, the use of different materials to meet the individual needs, reduce the secondary assembly process, increase the aesthetic and practical purpose. Double material injection molding (two-color injection molding) process is in such a request to adapt to the students.

Multi-material (two-color) injection molding, refers to the two or more different plastic or different colors of plastic into the same mold forming method. It can make plastic parts appear two or more different colors, in order to improve the practicality and aesthetics of plastic parts.

Powerjet BJM series of two-color machine is widely used in the baby industry. Such as: bottle bottle series of two-color dust cover, two-color tooth cover, two-color handle, two-color bowl, two-color spoon soup, multi-color toys. In the professional, stable, efficient, energy-saving, widely praised by users. At the same time, Bao Jie BJM series of two-color special machine is also widely used in household products, electronic products, power tools, medical products, home appliances, auto parts, toys, and so almost all of the plastic field. Such as common: toothbrush, tableware, tool handle, case, electrical shell, phone shell, buttons, computer keyboard, car lights and so on. Two-color injection molding process can make the appearance of the product without spraying to show different colors or materials to meet the increasingly diverse, high-quality, high value-added product demand; while reducing the secondary processing and assembly, saving space and labor, improve product technology performance.
BJM series of multi-material injection molding machine points: vertical turntable type, L-type and two-color plastic injection molding machine for the three major series. With energy saving, high performance, simple operation, can reduce the cost of long-term characteristics.

Powerjet BJM-200S6 clear two-color injection molding machine in this exhibition to demonstrate the production of a four-cavity, one of the two-color bottle handle handle, using PP + colored PP, the production cycle of about 47 seconds, a single product weight is 20g. This model uses vertical carousel injection molding process, injection molding machine for the first plastic injection molding, after the mold by the turntable to move the whole mold with the workpiece 180 °, aligned mold cavity after the second injection for a total of plastic Forming, followed by circulation; the first plastic injection and the second plastic injection simultaneously.

Powerjet two-color machine at the show on the stability and precision of the performance attracted many manufacturers and professional audience attention, advice, and made a high rating, a large part of the future cooperation with the Po-chi is full of expectations.

2.LD-18V2 automatic injection blow molding machine

This exhibition is another model of the LD-18V2 automatic injection of blow molding machine, for the one-step hollow container forming the overall solution to meet the needs of high-end small batch of users, the machine has environmental protection , Clean, stable, reliable, good shape of the product, supporting a mold cavity mold production of water bottles, a single product weight 88g, cycle of about 30s, the use of raw materials tritan.

With the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging containers and high-end daily necessities of the increasingly high demand, automatic injection blow molding technology more and more to meet the needs of the market, due to the use of automatic injection blow molding technology, Stretch blow molding to the demoulding step, the product without flash, no water nozzle material, no secondary pollution, product appearance and good quality bottle finish, excellent sealing. With the production process both to achieve lightweight, high-speed, high efficiency, energy saving and other advantages.

Powerjet LD series of automatic injection blow blow molding machine, the use of dual system control, can be synchronized action, fast, stable and accurate. The turntable is uniform injection, thermostat, pull blowing, stripping four stations, while injection molding, preform temperature adjustment, pull blow molding, product stripping four processes, to achieve one step injection molding blow molding. Servo vertical turntable mechanism, three sections of four independent temperature control, to facilitate the molding process adjustment.

Environmental protection: to reduce the operation, packaging, handling and storage of artificial, reduce energy consumption, compact structure less;
Clean: products a molding, to avoid the middle of pollution;
Reliable: Eliminate the formation of unfavorable factors, the smallest forming steps, to achieve the minimum defect rate;
Forming a good: bottle positioning fine, bottle lightweight, mold line is not conspicuous; to adapt to the appearance and appearance of high quality requirements.

Powerjet Seiki for the first time to participate in CBME pregnant baby show, brought the two dedicated injection molding machine, is mainly for high-end baby plastic products, perfect automatic solution. Company products are independent research and development, design level, product quality and performance as a whole in the domestic industry advanced level. The company has been to meet the industry users, providing cost-effective for the purpose of a dedicated machine for the customer to create higher efficiency. The exhibitors Bao Jie Seiki has made great repercussions, so that manufacturers and professional audience on the P & G has an update, a higher rating.

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