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Powerjet Seiki to participate in the 120th Canton Fair

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October 15 (China · Guangzhou)


The 120th Canton Fair on October 15, 2016 in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex grand opening. Our booth - Foshan Baojie Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. stands at 1.1F60. Our booth is K-126S6 rapid injection molding machine, with faster injection speed and melt speed, better stability and higher production efficiency, fully demonstrated our products high-speed, energy saving, precision , The advantages of high efficiency.

K-126S6 rapid injection molding machine on-site display production of a cavity of 750ml oval PP lunch box, by the scene buyers and the audience of great concern. High speed, stable presentation, attracting many viewers to stop onlookers. Many customers on the Division I injection molding machine to show a strong interest, and our business staff for a detailed consultation and negotiations, hoping to more in-depth understanding and cooperation.

5 days of the exhibition, the production of equipment demonstration attracted many customers and the audience's attention, but also received a lot of customer recognition and recognition. The future of Bao Jie Seiki will provide better products and services to expand domestic and foreign markets, for greater breakthroughs. Bao Jie energy saving, efficient, high-speed, precision and quality service is Baoji Seiki continue to grow and develop strong backing.

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