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Powerjet new oil and electricity hybrid high - speed injection molding machine in Dongguan DMP show and then the first prize

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November 29 - December 1 (Dongguan, China)

November 29 - December 1 18th DMP Dongguan International Mold, metal processing, plastic and packaging exhibition in Dongguan modern international exhibition center sounded the end of the horn, the exhibition is the last one of my domestic exhibition, I Division has been committed to the majority of customers tailor-made all kinds of production support programs, so I Secretary to be rigorous, in Dongguan show the latest technology hybrid high-speed injection molding machine - JEV380.

In early October in Chengdu, the first appearance of the oil and electricity hybrid injection molding machine - JEV380 show in Dongguan show splendor, the packaging industry's latest technology in the end of the year presented to everyone, Bao Jie precision machine with a strong R & D Team and sixteen years of technology to make this JEV380 both hydraulic and all-motor advantages: 1, there is a full motor response speed, fast response, high speed; 2, all actions are closed-loop control, high precision, 4, than the hydraulic machine energy saving; 5, more than the whole motor more convenient to increase the neutron control; 6, than the whole motor cost-effective; 7, can be used to improve the production cycle, Wide range of applications (all kinds of high-precision parts), suitable for long-term development of enterprises.

The JEV-380 through the production of a demonstration: a four-chamber PP material 1000ML round bowl, a large number of products, Wall thickness 0.35MM, weighing a single 16.5G, the perfect show JEV380 high speed characteristics.

Powerjet as the last month of the domestic exhibition, I will be in the next year will make persistent efforts to create a new peak in the packaging industry for more customers to solve more supporting programs to create a win-win situation.

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