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2012 first “Powerjet Cup” table tennis competition

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Powerjet hold a lifeful Ping-Pong match in March 2012 for enriching employee’s life. Players compete to each other and improve their technique. The game is nervous but funny. You can feel the enthusiasm of “Powerjetese”. 
During the games, especial in semi-final and final game, wonderful points appear again & again. The players try their best to win the game, while the audiences try their best to yell for their favorite. 
Finally, Liang Yukui from Purchase Dept. won the female first, Coco Du and Stephanie Tan from International Business Dept. won the second and third. In the male group, George Chen International Business Dept. won the first, Lai Yixian from the Workshop and Dong Zhiqiang from Administrative Dept. won the second and third. 
It is a good platform for Ping-Pong fans, with lots of rookies shown during this game. Such a successful game enriches our life and gives us more chance to communicate with each other, and makes us more positive and united. 

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