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Powerjet Staffs toured Phoenix Town of Zhangjiajie in 2012

Number of visits: Date:2012-10-8 19:34:11


In August 24, 2012, over 40 staffs of Powerjet were organized to tour Phoenix Town of Zhangjiajie. In the beautiful ancient Border-town, our staffs felt the perfect combination of courage, uprightness and romance, enjoyed the night scene of the Phoenix Town, and tasted the red wine in Phoenix Bar, wandered over to the romantic and colorful Diaojiaolou. Zhangjiaje Park was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and acclaimed as expanded bonsai and narrow Wonderland. Powerjet Staffs visited the floating mountain-Hallelujah Mountain which was regarded as the magical world of Pandora-; they enjoyed peppery taste of Tujia People , blood cake ducks of Phoenix’s Miao ethnic group , and other western Hunan cuisine; appreciated the big Miao Cabaret Show which displayed the non-material cultural essence of the entire Tujia People of Western Hunan. Powerjet staffs were deeply absorbed in the time-honored Tujia culture, Hmong culture, Bai culture and other ethnic cultures etc... Every staff had a pleasant journey from the trip to western Hunan. 

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