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The Powerjet's Eighth Basketball Game In 2012

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---the Powerjet’s Eighth Basketball Game In 2012

      The golden Autumn is coming . In order to enrich staffs spare time cultural life , and enhance enterprise’s cohesive force and centripetal force, the company held "the Powerjet’s Eighth Basketball Game In 2012" on October. This activity adheres to the "friendship first, competition second" principle, strives to strengthen communication between group company staffs, enriches the spare time life. This game is very wonderful; every team not only played their technology content, but also reflected the characteristics of personal charm and team cooperation spirit. During the game the players sprinkled the passion of sport as muck as they like, uniformed of one mind and cooperated with each other, performed with good spirit and levels. The fierce competition, the challenge of athletes, fair verdict of the judges, the cheering audience, hard service staff, all of them constituted a beautiful and touching picture together. 
    Finally, the powerjet’s 1st workshop team overcame all the difficulties in the way and successfully won the championship again. Newly formed office staffs team showed their ability and got the second prize. The 2nd workshop team presented a wonderful match to gain the third place, by the advantage of one point beyond BAOLI 1st team. This game improved the employees’ physical training enthusiasm, strengthened the staff’s sense of competition and enterprising spirit, recorded good memories and unforgettable experience for each employee as one part of their lives.

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