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September to October staffs Birthday Party 2012

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On November 7, the company held a celebration activity for those born in Sept. & Oct. (self-service barbecue). In the morning, the guy Ah Hua of administration division began to prepare for the birthday party. He bought all material to self-service barbecue needed from the market hall to the supermarket. At 5:30 p.m., he went to take cakes that booked before, and then arranged staffs to the destination---the barbecue field of Xing Xian Farm. 
      When the night arrived, all the people delightedly baked the meat string, tasted delicious food before the blazing fire. Then, everybody cut the cake, toasted to the celebration, but also received a nice birthday gift. Everyone enjoyed eating, drinking and having fun very happily all the night. Finally, this activity ended in a satisfactory way. Thanks to the company’s support and staff’s hard work.

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