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Powerjet New Year Party in 2013

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To celebrate Spring Festival and create a peaceful atmosphere, Powerjet held the 2013 New Year Party successfully in the Tiantian Delicacy Restaurant on the evening of January 30, 2013, which strengthened the communication between Powerjet and the customer, and enhanced the cohesion of the staff. 
     The party had obtained the support of all our suppliers; it provided space and stage to display talents for Powerjet company employees. 
     Although the happy party already dropped the curtain, everyone was still immersed in the celebration of joy. The party is a great support and encouragement to all Powerjet staff, it prompted us to strive to do better job in the future.

    In the New Year’s Party of Powerjet, Mr. Yang, the General Manager, toasted to the presents of all guests and staff after the New Year speech, and send ebullient blessing with eager expectations. 

Powerjet has made remarkable success in 2012 through the efforts and cooperation of all staff.
     Excellent Teams: First: Dongguan Office in Nanhai of Southern China;Second: Shenzhen Office;Third: Chengdu Office 
     Promising Young Salesmen: Mr. Zhigao Zhen, Mr. Hui Lee, Mr. Shaoqiu Lee, and Mr. Weiping Liu.  
     Excellent Salesmen: Mr. Liubo Huang, Mr. Jinhui Chen, Mr. Yuanjie Lee, and Mr. Qiji Chen.
     Gold Salesmen: Mr. Jinhui Yi; Mr. Xianjun Luo 
     Excellent Employees: Mr. Tianyou Bai from Foreign Trade Dept.; Mr. Kaiping Lin from Maintenance dept.; Mr. Zhiqiang Dong from Administration Dept.; Mr. Yijun Lu from Technology Dept.; Mr. Zhaohong Chen & Mr. Shaohong Deng from Dept. of Blowing Molding Machines; Ms. Jiao Wei from Quality Control Dept.; Ms. Xuezhen Tang from Storehouse; Mr. Yanming Lee from Planning Dept.; Ms. Yanni Tan from Purchase Dept.; Mr. Zhegeng Chang, Mr. Pinggao Li & Xiquan Mo from Workshop of Injection Molding Machines; 
     Outstanding Dept. Directors: Mr. Daming Lee from Dept. of Price Calculations, Mr. Wenqian Deng from Technology Dept., Mr. Changjian Song from After-sales Dept., Mr. Guoqi Peng from Purchase Dept., Mr. Ming Zhong from Quality Control Dept., Mr. Zhuping Li from Workshop, Mr. Jianping He from Dept. of Blowing Molding Machines
     Special Contribution Award: Mr. Shouyu Mai 

 This party is rich in content; there are superb performances, games, lucky draw etc. In the show, we found a lot of “talent”, who were willing to performance with strong sense of stage & performance desire. They were great, not timid, had not stage fright when they were on the stage. 
     When the show started, the handsome young fellow,Mr. Song Ye,sang “Half Moon Serenade” affectionately, which deeply touched the heart of all the present and overcome all of us. Next, Jiacai Tang, the talented child, brought us his violin performance and Wushu exercises of Taichi Fan, which won a storm of applause. He is really a shining jewel, waited for us to dig out his most beautiful side. 
     Besides, Mr. Yong Liu played the “Vows” and “Dance of the Yao People” with Chinese traditional instruments “Hulusi”, which gave us very pleasant impression. And Ms. Cai Huang sang “Everyone Has His Dream” with her beautiful voice. 

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