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Birthday party for employees born in March or April 2013

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May 7th 2013 is a rare good weather after several rainy days; POWERJET held birthday barbecue party for employees who was born in March or April in the afternoon. The day after work, the administrative department organized and drove more than 30 colleagues who was born in March or April to the Songgang Barbecue Place near Silver Lake in Dongfeng Reservoir, where is a beautiful environment and diffused fresh air after days of rainy weather; it made everyone forget the day’s work tire, and dive immediately into activities after step-down; In order to get ready the barbecue party, they made fires, forked strings of meat, blended condiments. As night fell, barbecue party was started with smoke curl, meaty smell; All party attendants enjoyed the fruits of their labor with happily drinking, laughing, which is rare work relaxing moments after a busy day! To the end of activities, they lit birthday candles, sang birthday chorus, ate delicious cakes, enjoyed the most warm and sweet blessing from the company. The event was ended in the laughter of everyone, everyone gained many happiness from this party; this party enhanced the feelings between colleagues, and enhanced the company’s cohesion, displaying a vibrant, positive POWERJET style.

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