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Birthday party for employees born in May or June 2013

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In July 5th 2013, POWERJET held another staff birthday party after the previous one in two months ago; this afternoon after work, more than 30 staffs who was born in May or June were drove to the Songgang Barbecue Place near Silver Lake in Dongfeng Reservoir, and attended the staff birthday barbecue party. 

Cause preliminary preparation, this event was carried out very successfully, General Manager- Mr. TAM also presented at the scene and celebrated birthday for employees with pouring beers; all presented colleagues got a rare relaxed mood after busy working days, and enjoyed the warmth and careness from the company. 

In this Summer evening, the barbecue place bathed in the pink clouds in twilight, which is so extraordinarily quiet and peaceful. Sailed breeze sent exhilarating waves of fragrance of flowers; along with everyone’s laughter, the birthday party was successfully held in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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