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Birthday party for employees born in July or August 2013

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In order to enhance the company cohesion, and promote mutual understanding between employees; to make every emplyee own a strong sense of belonging and feel the warmth of POWERJET, the company especially organized birthday party for staffs who was borne in July or August; this party was held in recreation room from 18:00 pm on September 11th, After a pre-event preparation, 30 participants from different positions gathered in recreation room after busy work, shared the warm wishes from the company. During the feast, every staff enjoyed drinking and laughing. In the end the feast, they lit birthday candles, sang birthday chorus, shared a delicious cake. Cheerful birthday song echoed in everyone’s ears, the red candle light shine all happy faces. 

Finally, the administrative department presented the birthday participants with gifts and birthday cards, and took photos with everyone. Everyone’s smiling faces were filled with the joy. 

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