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Birthday Party for staff born in September and October

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November 7th, 2013 was a memorable day, as on that day, Powerjet held a warm birthday party for the staff born in September and October. 

Outside the activity room for birthday party, it was as quiet as usual. But inside the room, it was bustling and festive. It was also a warm home with harmony and happiness. 

For this birthday party, the leader of executive branch and relevant staff particularly prepared sumptuous dinner, exquisite birthday gifts, and birthday cards with President Mr Yang’s greetings. In addition, during the dinner, some interesting and interactive games were introduced. All these brought a spectacular feast for the staff. The atmosphere of the whole birthday party was harmonious. The staff gained happiness when enjoying the party and gained gratification when accepting the greetings. 

During the cake cutting time, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Tan expressed best birthday wishes for the staff. Along with applause and cheers, the birthday party was near the end. Finally taking the group photo with smile drew to a successful close of this birthday party. 

After this birthday party, we understand we are in a big family full of love. Powerjet’s staff are not alone. 

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