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Powerjet won the championship in 2013 Enterprise Basketball Tournament in Shishan Industrial Park

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The first match of “2013 Enterprise Basketball Tournament” initiated by 12 enterprises of Shishan Science and Technology Industrial Park began on July 10th on the basketball ground of Maitian Food Co., Ltd. 

This tournament was initiated by Yiyang , Powerjet, Xinda Gaofan, Nanbao and the other 8 enterprises. The important features of this activity were that these 12 enterprises raised funds together, and prepared and participated the tournament with the purpose to have good communications and make friends. The tournament was divided into two stages, preliminaries and finals. In the course of preliminaries, 12 enterprise teams were divided into two groups by drawing lots. Within each group, round robin system was adopted. The top two of each group entered the finals. Finals adopted knock-out system. The four qualifying teams competed according to the schedule and the two winners entered the final of the championship. The final four of the tournament were awarded bonus. 

After more than two months of competition, the tournament concluded by the end of September. Four enterprise teams entered finals after 30 games among 12 enterprise teams. Finally Powerjet team won the championship, Baihe team was the runner up, Maitian team was third, and Nanbao team was fourth. 

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