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Fire-protection practice——A continuing issue

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Powerjet has done a successful Fire-protection practice

In order to improve the staff`s fire-protection knowledge, safety protection and self-saving ability, our administration took a action of ‘Fire-protection knowledge and practice’ on November 16th. 
According to our company situation , our administration had made a perfect plan, had written a reasonable textbook and had arranged 30 powder fire extinguishers , two oil buckets and fire-up oil before the practice.
All department staff, include Workshop, Warehouse, Security department, Canteen took part in the training of fire-protection on the afternoon. 
From the current situation of our Fire protection, potential dangers, prevention steps and the sense of fire protection to how to fire fighting equipments, our instructor of administration has patiently explained them one by one , which really provide a good lesson of essential knowledge of Fire protection to our staff. 
At the practice step, the training require staff who join Powerjet at recent one year to use fire fighting equipments to put out fire by his own hands. All our staff is positive and has finished the test one by one. Through this training, has strengthened the staff`s safety awareness, tested the feasibility and operability of emergency-response plan. Get familiar with the process of rescue in emergency. It promotes the response of emergency command, adjustment and emergency handling ability, which lays a good foundation for orderly and efficient emergency operation in the future. 

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