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The 9th Powerjet Basketball game

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The friendship match of the 9th Powerjet Basketball game, which held on Porerjet`s and Baoli`s lighted sport field, began on October 21th and last near 1 month. 
Each representative team of final of Powerjet group came to Powerjet lighted sport field on Nov 18th evening. In according to the match plan, the first match is beween Powerjet Office team and Baoli 2th team to contest third prize. Before the end of first half, both sides neck to neck . At second half , Powerjet Office team won scores time and time again by inner offensive rebound, Singles turn around , like nobody around at 3-second zone and so on. There is larger gap between two teams scores after 3 quarter. At the beginning of 4 quarter, Baoli 2th team started strong attacking, try to turn the situation. Anyhow, Powerjet office team kept the advantage until the end of match by slowly steady. 
The second match is between Powerjet Workshop 1st team and Baoli 1st team. This match is also decided whether Powerjet Workshop 1st team can win the championship or not. At the first quarter , Powerjet workshop 1st team can not adjust well their player form in time which cause they lose the score and let Baoli 1st team keep the first. Powerjet Workshop 1st team exchange each other idea and adjust strategy and status at the rest time between 2 quarter. At second quarter, Point guard break through Baoli 1st team defense line step by step, other players are flexible float around, vacant jump shot and spread. Thanks for fast-pace and flexible strategy, Powerjet Workshop 1st team got much more scores than Baoli 1st team at the end of first half. At second half, as Baoli 1st team physical decline ,followed up the success by shots from beyond the three-point line ,fast attacking, personal breakthrough , Powerjet Workshop 1st team played more and more better. 
As the Judge `s whistle sounded- the game was over. Both inside and outside sport field were excited , Powerjet Workshop 1st team was No.1, won the championship again. Coming second was Powerjet Office team, the third was Baoli 1st team. The 9th Powerjet group basketball game was success as awards ceremony was finished.

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