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Powerjet annual celebration of 2013

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2013 Powerjet annual celebration grandly and warmly held in A Ju restaurant on Jan 21,2014 evening. Almost 300 people joined the celebration, such as company leadership and their family, all staff, and special invited guests. 
The celebration began with the belly dance of ‘Arabic eyes’, which is really passionate, sexy and hot. 
‘Thank you all staff’s hard work, thank you supplier’s support, we have got a great achievement in 2013; I hope that all colleagues ,all friends can still work together, make a greater achievement in the new year again’, General manager Mr.Yang said. 
Coming next is the song which wrote, directed and acted by our staff, children’s Latin dance , all made up the fiery celebration again and again. Audiences can not help to cheer with the song, and leadership and staff mutually communicated as family in the game, there is full of constant laughter. 
Every annual celebration can not without lucky-draw time,6th prize, 5th prize, 4th prize, 3th prize, 2th prize, 1st prize and gift bag of wealth god, each lucky-draw time made the meeting to a-sequence-of another climax. 
Especially senior marketing manager Mr.Yu leaded his team to cheer heartily time after time, to share wholeheartedly the joy of harvest. 

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