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In 2013 the second POWERJET cup table tennis game

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On April 11, 2013 at 18:00, bao jie company staff dormitory rooms on the second floor with jollification, "in 2013 the second treasure" Czech cup table tennis finals held here. 
    Game companies be led by the strong support and active involvement of the general staff. After previous round robin intense competition, the players in the final tonight, the battle for the men’s and women’s competitions, the bronze. After the game, the players morale, positive response. Women’s players skilled, lively atmosphere field is impressive; The men’s game is more exciting, in full swing, the players have played an orgasm personal tactics, the game is tense and harmoniously. Liang Yunkui successfully defending champion in the end, the prizes, Du Guilan Tan Xiaomin the runner-up and third place respectively, and the men of the championship CenLiMing Lai Yixian and WenChunHai the runner-up and third place respectively. General manager tan in your busy schedule to come to for players with a bonus and took a group photo.  
    The annual "bao jie cup" table tennis, attracting more and more workers to participate in, through the game, not only enhance the friendship between the colleague, also make staff body workout, have more energy into work in the future, at the same time, it shows the positive bao jie good style, for the company’s enterprise culture construction has played a positive role.


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