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Birthday Party for Powerjet Staff in March & April, 2014

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In order to enrich the activities of the company and the spare life of the staffs, and increase staff’ energy, Administration Department held a barbecue for the staff whose birthday is in March and April. The barbecue spot located in Xinlixiong resort, in Dali town. The leaders of Administration Department and the staffs, totally more than 50 people joined in the activity. 
Arrived at the barbecue spot, everyone gathered together and couldn’t wait. Someone made a fire; someone strung foods on a cord. They were busy but cooperated tacitly. Although the spot was full of smoke and fire, strong smell of roast meat diffused everywhere. The roast food could be eaten soon. The fragrance of the meat, sweet fruit, delicious drinking and beer, everyone enjoyed delicate food as much as they liked. And then birthday cakes were presented to the gods of longevity, candles were lighted and birthday song were sung, they made their wishes in the marry singing.

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