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New Staffs Training in May & June, 2014

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Powerjet offered thematic trainings on injection and quality management skill knowledge for new staff in May 17th, 24th and June 7th, 2014. Today, conflicts among human resource supply, human expectation and enterprise’s requirement and management are more and more obvious. It is difficult for enterprise to recruit new staff, and vice verse. The reason is that the communications between enterprise and workers is not enough, and the input of employee benefits is also not enough or out of time. 
“Training is the best benefit for employees.” Powerjet expects that each new staff can be trained by system to be familiar with basic operation flow for each position, which including as below: 
1. Know the Enterprise culture idea and honor of Powerjet 
2. Learn and command daily administration management rules 
3. Understand the safety and the fire knowledge of the factory 
4. Understand working processes and methods for each position 
5. Self-career planning 
Powerjet aims at establishing personnel training system which meets its actual demand and building value systems which develop enterprise and employees to realize win-win relationship among enterprise, employees, customers and society.

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