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The 3rd Powerjet Ping Pang Competition

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In order to enrich the life of staff, build up their bodies and develop their team-work spirit, Administration Department held the 3rd Ping Pang Competition in May, 2014, and the competition was welcomed by the staff and received active response. 
As national ball Ping Pang gets high penetration in China. Although colleagues didn’t get special training, they played freely without too much hesitation, so the competition was very fierce. The game was divided into two parts, including men’s singles and women’s signals, and used knock-out system. Many masters emerged continually at the beginning of the game so as to make the game more splendid. Warming cheers and congratulatory of “nice ball” spread out from time to time at the game site. Competitors struggled actively in the game, their spirit of never give-up until the last moment deeply moved everyone present. Nervous and splendid game attracted lots of colleagues watching. It provided opportunities not only for communication but also showing themselves. The competition also showed the competitors wonderful and team-work spirit, and gave staff new energy for their spare time. 
Finally, Cen Liming from Marketing Department successful defended men’s single champion, Lai yixian from Workshop won the second place, and Zhong Kangcai from After sales Department won the third place. Coco Du from 
International Business Department won the women’s single race; the second and the third place were won by Hu Yongqin from Administration Department and Huang LI from International Business Department. 

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