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POWERJET Birthday Party -- May to June 2014

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In June 28th of 2014, the company celebrates our staffs who born in May or June, with buffet dinner. This is the first time to celebrate birthday in this way, highlights the birthday happy mood of human nature, removes some complex rituals. 

At six o ’clock in the evening, the birthday personnel go to the Young Sheep Restaurant in Fengchi, Nanhai. The birthday personnel talk with each other while waiting for the meal preparation, with some lovely children running around in the excitement. The young sheep self-service hotpot uses two special pot soups. The red soup is the basis of typical Sichuan hotpot soup; this soup has rich, juice thick spicy and delicious sweet characteristics. The white soup is namely clear soup halide, have strong freshness, broth, and refreshing, appropriate dry characteristics. 

The birthday personnel taste wonderful buffet dinner, while company administration department brings the blessing of the cake, and all of people blow the candles and cut the cake together. The scene is so warm. 

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