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Powerjet First Show in NPE2015

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The plastic industry influential American NPE plastic exhibition in the United States as scheduled in the southern city of Orlando,orange convention centre On March 23, 2015, Powerjet Plastic Machinery showed off for the first time in this exhibition highlights, attracted the attention of the buyers and agents.from the United States and many South American neighbors, As an industry event, although Powerjet for the first time participated in the NPE show, the excellent demo of the show machine, scientific machine design concept of energy saving, green environmental protection design,suprised the United States enterprise customers in the show, the local customers are really excited to see the charm of China’s machine, the machine in the show also enhances the confidence of US customers in China’s machines.

At the scene, Powerjet and Mexican customer (COCO COLA packaging supplier) signed the agreement to jointly develop one step 5 gallon bucket injection stretch blow machine and carry out the project in the ,market development of South America, the project has been officially formed orders, and came into production preparation stage,once the project is successful, this will lays a solid foundation for Powerjet PET injection molding machine and bottle blowing machine in South America market. In terms of channel,Powerjet reached a preliminary agreement at the same time with the United States and local mold makers and Peru, Mexico plastic dealers for Powerjet in the americas market development, through actual customer visits, the Powerjet’s injection molding machine has served the international well-known brands like HARLEY - DAVIDSON accessories manufacturers in the United States.

Compared to numerous domestic manufacturers without bringing machines in the fair, Powerjet displays his show machine in such international exhibition like NPE, and successfully sold it out, fully shows the strength of the company, provides an opportunity for Powerjet toward the higher-end market.

Powerjet has two years sales experience in the United States over the past two years, Powerjet establishes a good reputation in the north American market,as well as Powerjet has accumulated a lot of experience in the high-end market, in the future.Powejet will pay close attention to the market,,increase investment in scientific research, launch more injection molding machine, bottle blowing machine in line with international market.

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