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Participated in 2014 SIMM and achieved a complete success

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2014 Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Automation Exhibition was hosted in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March 28th 2014. Powerjet was invited and took part in the exhibition for the first time, and exhibited KF series high speed injection molding machine and IBM series injection and blow molding machine. The exhibition not only strengthens the existing cooperators relationship but also develops mounts of potential clients, which lays the foundation for expanding the market.

SIMM is the largest and the most influential machining exhibition in south part of China. It brings together a group of domestic and foreign equipment manufacturing industry elites, and relevant chambers of Commerce from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong and Pearl River delta in Shenzhen city. By the platform of SIMM, they widen their industry vision and promote enterprise brand awareness.

As Shenzhen is the largest electronics industry manufacturing and distributing center in China, Powerjet exhibited KF high speed special machine producing PC mobile accessories and IBM injection and blow molding machine producing LED lampshades. The products from both of the machines were with high precision, no seam and no scrape, thereby saving raw material and getting clean appearance etc. On the exhibition site, Powerjet people explained in detail to each guest’s questions, and by the demonstration of the machine, discussing deeply about the injection molding technology with the customers. The stable and smoothly running machines attracted audience attention. Customers gave high praise to Powerjet’s high quality equipments and humanized operation mode.

KF-138V6 High Speed Injection Molding Machine for Thin-wall Products
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