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A variety of a new generation of high-end machines in CHINAPLAS 2014

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CHINAPLAS 2014 (The 28th Chinese International Plastics & Rubber Industry Exhibition) held in Shanghai New International Expo center, China on April 23 to 26, 2014. Powerjet exhibits five high-end machines of new generation in this Asia’s No. 1 & world’s No. 2 plastics industry event.


Powerjet booth locates in the central main channel in hall E4, with the area of 162 square meters. The design shows a simple atmosphere, fresh fashion, and elegance, together with five sets of new generation of high-end machines operating smoothly, which display the new technology, new category, and new services to industry, and evinces that Powerjet is advancing to the high-end market. The machines are high speed preform injection systems HPET-3300V6, high speed special injection molding machine for thin-wall product PKF-338V6, automatic plastic extrusion blow molding machine EB25H65S3, new generation of all electric injection molding machine JE-110 and new generation of automatic injection and stretch blow molding machine LD-18V1 respectively.



HPET-3300V6 High Speed Preform Injection Molding Machine
The on-the-spot production is for 1 mould with 48 cavities, with single preform weight 15g, and the output as high as 414720 pcs per day. The machine is energy saving and environmental protection, and compared with traditional injection molding machine, it can save energy by 20% - 30%. At the same time, by using the domestic advanced preform taking-out robot, together with servo system from Sew of Germany, it owns four major advantages of high speed, accurate positioning, high reliability, energy saving. The mould is adopting hot runner valve structure and a scientific cooling channel design. HPET series high speed preform injection molding machine is of great competition, and is the perfect unified solution of preform injection molding with low cost and high performance.

PKF-338V6 High Speed Special Injection Molding Machine for Thin-wall Product
The machine products IML food security box with 1mould with 4 cavities, and single box weights 13g, with production cycle 6.3 seconds. This machine has the characteristics of low temperature, low pressure, and high response speed. Being combined with the IML system, the high-quality product is taken out by the robot after IML forming, and smoothly and neatly placed on the conveyor belt, which shows a high automatic production.

EB25H65S3 Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
This machine products 250ml gourd shaped milk bottles, with rotary trimming equipment to cut the deflashing material semi-automatically or full automatically with the production cycle of 15 seconds. During the exhibition, fully automated production and simple manipulation are widely acclaimed by customers.

JE-110 New Generation All-electric Injection Molding Machine
Powerjet planed to research and develop all electric injection molding machine at the end of 2012, and in mid 2013 we focused on investment in R & D and production. Key components such as heavy load ball screw, bearing, pressure sensor, servo drive and motor, controller and so on, are all famous brands chosen from Japan or Europe, thus integrating all the advantages to achieve the best results. The machine has the characteristics of fast speed, fast response, high quality, low energy consumption, clean, and so on. The on-the-spot production of PC mobile accessory weights 13g.

LD-18V1 New Generation of Automatic Injection and Stretch Blow Molding Machine
Injection molding machine and blow molding machine are the two leading products series of Powerjet. The introduction of the new generation automatic injection and stretch blow molding machine is the extension and complement of the two leading products series. The one step forming of the machine has the characteristics of environmental protection, clean, reliable, good forming, which is suitable for high grade food, medicines, and cosmetics packaging container production.

Since its foundation in 1999, Powerjet has been focusing on the production of high efficiency, high precision, and stable performance, which are the core of the injection molding machine and, providing satisfactory services to customers has been Powerjet’s business philosophy. Occupying an area of about 100,000 square meters, the newly built-up Sanshui base of Powerjet has been put into operation, which will better meet the future development of Powerjet’s market demand. In 2014, Powerjet will aim at structuring global layout, reaching a stable growth of 20%, and advancing to the high-end market.

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