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  • Product Name: KII High Precision Injection Molding Machine
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POWERJET KII new series of high precision injection molding machine is stable, fast and efficient energy saving, with faster injection and melt speed, higher production efficiency, applicable to many fields of food and beverage packaging, daily necessities, household appliances, electronic communications, toys etc..


Faster injection speed & charging speed, Better stability, Higher efficiency.


Clamping System:

Center-Press Toggle System

-Improve stability in molding 

-Minize platen’s damage 

-Higher speed and stable platen’s movement


·Center-press toggle system designed to apply equal forceon mold during clamping and preventing platen’s damage.

·New design of the clamping structure, ensures the rigidmold platen enhancement increasing more than 20%.

·Anti-tilt side design of the foot ensures the opening andclosing of smooth high-speed;

· European ejector design, enhances the adaptability ofthe mold.

Injection System:

Injection Mechanism——Precision, Stability, Good plasticization

·High rigidity integral linear guide low friction, improvethe accuracy of injection.

·Long lifespan doublecarriage movement cylinders.


Centralized lubrication module

Injection movement structure of duplex pull rods canconsolidate location and have more precise centering.


Hydraulic System:


·New servo system applications ensures machine power to increase more than 10%;

·Reasonableand orderly piping layout, significantly reducing loss in oil channel;

·Oil circuit consists of standard components,improving the reliability of hydraulic system.


Special servo motor and imported high pressure gear pump, Small inertia,low noise and fast dynamic response;

Low-impactoil channel design.


Controlling System:


·Morereasonable electric circuit layout, improving anti-interference ability andstability;

·Central(network) management system interface, easy for production management;

·Morepowerful software, high scalability;

·Optimized control system, energy saving and highresponse.



Remarks:According to upgrading of machine, we will change techical parameters, configuration of some parts and service’s items without further notice.

Platen Dimensions:

Device Configuration:

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