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Powerjet is determined to become an innovational , trusted and leading precision machinery & equipment manufacturer, and keeps creating value for our clients, shareholder, staff and society.

Through keeping improvement & creating, to provide high-quality products and after-sale service.Become a brand-superior, competitive & precise machinery manufacturer in Pearl River Delta or even in Guangdong Province.

Key values:
Directed by market, we rely on science and technology, occupy market by high-quality products, and obtain well credit standing by providing well service. We create benefit with Perfect management, expand with superior brand, and develop with talented staff.


①. Avocation:
a. Customers’ satisfaction is our target
b. All Working process is designed as per customers’ required
c. Constantly improve the quality of our products and service
d. Constantly improve the technique and skill e. Be ready to hold the chance.

②. Disapproval:
a. Lack of communication, and monopolization of resources
b. Lack of plan, and passive handling
c. Follow the old routine, no attempt to make progress
d. Inefficient and overstaffed

③. Key Competencies:
Credit, Clients, and the staff are always on the top priority, which are the base of our value. Harmonious democracy, Solidarity, Curiousness, and Loyalty dedicate to the spirit of Powerjet: to achieve the higher quality products.

④. Promises to employees:
Powerjet is the first choice to be work for; Powerjet will choose talents from interior Training and external recruitment.
Powerjet will redound our employee for opening up the employee’s potential and develop employee’s career.
Powerjet will share the future with the employees who is dedicative, innovative and entreprenant.

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